wake, skype: mum, sleepy. bikinis, shorts, singlet, towel. the front gate swings open. walk slowly, plenty of time, don’t need to sweat. arrive. 

sit. try to cool down. stupid order: chai, too hot for hot me. bagel, cream cheese, great conversation. mapping out life with a stranger/relative newcomer. 

walk. hot, in the sun. worried for burn. turn down a street, big hedges, beautiful houses, proud looking dogs. shade. sun, again, sand, kids, families. clear water, warm. relieving on hot skin. salty skin. salty sea. salty air.

lay. towels, quickly covered in sand, forgotten by great conversation. fashion, art, boys, beads, travel, home, study, life. hours pass. skin browned. sun cools down.

walk. still sweat, but breeze picks up. goodbyes, see you tomorrows’, great day. walk the rest of the way alone. passing strangers. tourists. locals needing my money. i’m sorry, i wish i could, i think as i walk by, looking at my feet. 

round the corner. home. rest. relief. 

great day.

catch up. create ideas. look at life in a different way. peaceful.

eat. bread rolls, mash potato, roast beef, beans and tomatoes. gravy. yum. satisfied.

retreat. write for you. for me. legs sting a little (oopsies) from the sun. only just pink. the warmth of my skin makes me feel a little cool. cardigan on. pink. makes me happy. makes me smile.

great day.


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