free fallin’

i’m not doing much, really. i don’t have many responsibilities. except to myself, mainly. i don’t have any concerns. my biggest problem at the moment is a tiny patch of sunburn that seems to be peeling – or on its way to peeling – and kind of hurts to touch. drama galore.

i have a carefree life. but i care so much about it being perfect, exactly what i dreamed it would be. for the most part it is, and i know in myself if i let go, just a little bit, it would be all that and more. i’m too uptight for island life. and i don’t consider myself to be an uptight person at all. i think i’m pretty laid back, chilled, easy going, free. but, i think it’s all in terms of city life.

this island is turning me into a crazy person. 

if i melt into it, let it be, stop caring about the little things, i think my time will be better, more enjoyable, a whole lot more rewarding. but then what? when i go back, to the city, although not a great big city, who will i be then?

and here is me caring again.

advice to myself: caring is for city folk. you’re an island dweller now, nat. you need to fit in, among the locals, as a local. so hurry up and let go and fall into the kind of living people only dream about.


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