frown lines

i’ve had a bad day. i’ll be honest. and i wasn’t going to tell you because i want to seem like i am living the dream. life’s good, life’s peachy. but sometimes, life gets you down. and today, it did just that. bastard.

i was happy enough looking at photos, emailing friends, getting ready for the day. i was happy enough riding my bike with the birds and the wind and the waves from passing strangers. i was happy enough sitting at my desk, doing some work, listening to phones ring.

i wasn’t happy with: my phone bill, my easy, mundane day, getting angry at my mum. you see, one thing sets me off and dominoes follow. and i can’t tell you what that one thing even is today. well i probably can, but i won’t. it’s stupid. who cares? i don’t become a very nice person. i don’t feel like me.

my life is great. i’m in a great place with great weather and great people. and i’m making great friends with awesome kids and eating delicious food and spending time doing what i love. writing, learning new things, living in the sunshine.

i guess there really is nothing to complain about. so, sorry about that.

today is my favourite part of the day. i look forward to dinners and conversations and winding down. fingers crossed for dessert. 

ahhh, i feel much better. thanks for listening.


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