fresh princess of maui air

maui, maui, maui.

you have lots of bugs here. really big ones too. they come flying in and out of my room when i leave the door open for your fresh air. zoom right in, zoom right out. i’m sorry i stepped on one of your slugs the other day. if it makes you feel any better, i didn’t mean to and wish i hadn’t. it was pretty gross.

i’m also killing lots of your cockroaches and mosquitoes. i’m getting pretty good at it. with the help of raid (and clapping hands). i don’t think you like that much though, clogging up your fresh air, killing off your insects.

we went driving in your sun yesterday, maui. it was a beautiful day. you could have eased up on the wind a bit, though. it was blustery. i learned about the vog, volcanic fog, that covers your brothers and sisters – the islands you look at every day. i hope you can still breathe. maybe you should try leaving your door open for some fresh air.

you must get tired swimming in the ocean all day. but you’re doing such a good job holding us all up. i think we should treat you better. give back a little.

i saw your countryside yesterday too. wow was that interesting. dry shrubbery dotted with pointy, overgrown, frazzled cacti. cactuses. cactaceous plants. surviving as they do. no complaints. i could learn a thing or two from those plants. 

why am i inside?


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