you start off with a painted wall. you get bored and repaint. you get bored again and repaint, this time with something completely different – nothing the old you would have ever chosen. but it doesn’t last. you take black paint and shove the roller to the wall, aggressively trying to cover up the colours you knew weren’t you at all. but, not even the darkest colour and ten coats covers it, allows you to forget. you try stripping the paint with an alcohol based stripper. but no amount of alcohol allows you to forget. it just peels away the past. one layer at a time.

you hit a point where you want to paint it again, but you think about the hassle of all those colours before. so instead of the roller, you get out the brush. this time it’s covered top to bottom with love hearts and rainbows and sketches of possible new signatures, kids names and blueprints of your house with the white picket fence. and when you realise this doesn’t quite express what it truly means in your life, you somehow make wallpaper from it. and glue it, piece by piece to your wall. slowly creating art.

it’s permanent. part of your life. now, you don’t consider changing at all, you think about why you chose wallpaper in the first place. and it stays.

see, wallpaper creates security, comfort, a home. wallpaper is a bitch to get rid of, but once it’s on, part of your life, you don’t want to get rid of it at all. it covers up the past, creates a new slate. a new life. it glues you to yourself. and yes, there can be bubbles. it can peel away in places. but with the right tools, the ones you have, it’s fixed in no time and stronger than ever. it’s not perfect. but it’s security, comfort, a home.

i can’t wait to wallpaper my house.


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