it rained last night. yep. hot, heavy, fat drops of rain. enough to soak the ground so the water from the sprinklers this morning just sat on the surface. turning mud muddier.

it’s overcast today. it might rain again. they need it. this side of the island stays dry all year round. you can see it in the dying grass on the mountain. contrast: suburbia bursts with brightness. green and leafy, reds, pinks, white. flowers in bloom. sprinklers saving them from dying of thirst.

there are no water restrictions here. you can use a hose, at midday if you feel the urge. shower for 20 minutes. more if you’d like. you could fill your pool a hundred times a day – and may just have to. since i arrived last week, a glass of water has sat on the table in my room. it was full when it was put there. now, after no one has taken a drink from it, it is hours away from empty. 

it’s hot. 

today the clouds are bringing a cool breeze. but the weather man says it’s still meant to get to 30 degrees. it’s already 23. feels quite cool – home, it would feel hot. sorry mumma, i don’t miss the cold.


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