around the block.

i have mosquito bites everywhere. it’s really quite annoying. tiana says i have sweet blood. i think it’s just that they know i’m the new kid. they’re picking on me.

i’m so worried about losing my accent. which is ridiculous. of course i won’t. i get paranoid about things like that. all the time. little things. because there really is nothing else to worry about. silly me.

yesterday was a beautiful day. 

i speak to mum and dad a bit. on skype. they like that they can see me. i like seeing them. it’s a strange feeling being so far from home, i feel a little lost at the moment. like everyone knows i’m the new kid. but, i’m learning and trying to fit in and i’ll get there. eventually. dad makes faces while mum just smiles. it’s pretty cute. 

it’s a different culture here. so similar in so many ways. but noticeably different. it’s cliched and predictable. but i’m growing in love with it. the place, the people. night time. morning sun. 

they call frangipanis plumerias. i like that name better. you can smell them when you walk down the street. i see them on the ground, fallen, lifeless, flattened. what a waste, poor flowers. but hundreds more hang off trees. 

it’s the start of the day and i have so much to look forward to. i’m still the new kid and that’s exactly what i feel like. but i don’t care. there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing, tasting, smelling, experiencing something for the first time. with fresh senses. you should be so lucky.


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