…look back

there’s a boy i know. we’ve only recently become quite acquainted. he’s a funny guy. makes me laugh, right from the inside out. i can’t say there are many people who do that to me. not like that.

i used to laugh all the time, at school. deep, hearty laughs. when i was younger, i would laugh so hard i would give myself the hiccups. it still happens now, sometimes. it’s a nice feeling. 

so this boy reminds me of being young. at school. laughing and giggling, about stupid things that mean absolutely nothing, or so much more than we knew. i think i wish i was a kid again. i like being a grown up, but i miss being free. free of all responsibility, over thinking things, drama. life was simpler then. but, it’s so much more exciting now.

i hope i keep laughing forever. 


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