(another) six sleeps

it’s hard writing when i don’t know what to write about. where to start. i have so much on my mind, and i can’t write. what do i even get from pouring my life into words on a screen? tapping a keyboard, rhythm, beating through my fingers? 

and what do i feel?

excited, nervous, anxious, paranoid, numb. thirsty. hmmm nonchalant. conflicting, opposing, hypocritical feelings. about myself, my adventure, people, life. 

six sleeps until i leave. to a place i desperately want to get to know. the closer it gets, the more i think. over the past couple of weeks, so much has happened. life became fun again. hectic, but fun. and i think about that, and i think about leaving – as i have been for a while now – i think about losing and missing and regretting something i didn’t even know i would. i miss my life already. 

but, you know, i think it’s about to get even more peachy.


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