…ain’t the way

today is friday the 13th. i’m a little superstitious. it’s 6:18am and i am at the gym. i am at the gym and i forgot to bring my breakfast…i blame this ridiculous date.

in high school, i would tell my teachers not to expect me at school on this date due to the fact i was placing myself in a straight jacket and staying home all day. i hated the thought of the day. dreaded knowing something bad would happen. because i truly thought it would. i was so caught up in it and i didn’t even know why. a lot of things made me like this. and it was, and still is, ridiculous.

so, today, i came to a conclusion. perhaps i only notice bad things happening on this day because of the actual day it is. on any ordinary day, i wouldn’t have thought twice about why i forgot my breakfast…just bad luck, really.

so, i’ve decided, i refuse to let this day have power over me. sorry friday the 13th, but you don’t scare me anymore.


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