one of my brothers doesn’t like what i’m doing with my life. and what is that? well, nothing at the moment…but big plans to travel.

when i started writing this blog, i was in an interesting place. and i still am. between seeing out one phase of my life and welcoming another. caught between. i’m quite comfortable where i am. i’ve stopped punishing myself for not doing what was expected of me, and started believing that i am doing the right thing. no matter what that is. i’ll always be doing what i’m meant to be doing.

so, you can understand why it came as quite a shock when my brother gave me his opinion and told me how different i was to both my brothers – apparently, i’m not business/success driven; lecturing me and telling me life revolves around money so i should start making some and forget any other plans i may have. “don’t you want to get a job?” he said, “you have a degree, it’s time to start working, earning money, settling down.”

am i meant to believe life is nothing without money? i understand the importance of it, but brother, even if i had only a cent to my name, i would still have the love and support of my family.

money means nothing.

i have never done the norm. never followed suit. in the known history of my entire family, extended included, i am the only one to have gained a university degree. now, is it so wrong for me to want to experience the world? meet a million people. get lost in a city. it is something i long to do. i am not simply biding my time, aimlessly waiting for something to happen. i am going to make things happen. but, for now, a career can wait. my career will wait.

and in the meantime, life will happen.

so to you, dear brother, respect what i am doing. i am in a perfect place to travel, move, become involved in a place other than my home. i have nothing holding me down. no job, no partner, no responsibility other than myself. so, i want to see bigger things. there is so much more than this city. i can’t help believing in the wonders i could be experiencing. this doesn’t mean i love you, or the family, any less. i know i’ll miss things. i know things might happen while i’m gone that i’ll look back on and think i wish i was there. but those are the sacrifices i am willing to make. i can’t stay here just in case something big happens.

i am twenty one. so, while i’m young, i’ll do everything i can.


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