smell, feel, spring.

spring is coming.

i can feel it in the air. i can smell it, too. it excites me. makes me slightly delirious. i feel like a little kid again. spring is one season closer…i am dreaming of summer.

sweltering days, hot nights. the sting of a slight breeze on skin pink from the sun, sending an electric chill through your body. days at the beach, gritty sand sticking to everything. annoying, but beautiful in its own way. salty air. watermelons and mangoes. early mornings, restless nights, heat overbearing. i want it all! give me the bad all summer long. i just wish you were here already.

i can wait. and while i do, i’ll think of you, summer. willing you to come as soon as you can. so spring, please, it’s warm days you should bring.


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