jed likes to play with balloons. after mum’s birthday, we brought the decorations home. on the bench top sat four red balloons on sticks. jed noticed.

he sat next to the bench top, patiently. then, after no one noticed what he wanted, he whimpered. little, short breaths. please can i play?! “here you go, jed.” 

jed is a boxer. he’s a boxer and he is big. he has big teeth too. but, he’s too playful to hurt anyone. even a balloon. the soft rubber is no match for his teeth. but he plays so gently with his balloon. enjoying the squeak, flick, the bounce under his mouth. his tail wags as he plays. he’s such a happy boy.

then he gets tired. but, without wanting to give up his balloon he lays down, the knot secured between his teeth, breathing in the smell. he starts to play again. POP! oops. a little too rough. disappointed, he wanders around trying to find something else to play with. poor jed. i feel sorry for him.

“jed, where’s your ball?” he looks around hurriedly, desperately searching for his ball. aha! he finds it. we go outside and i chase him around the car – clever boy. he runs away from me with his ball. how happy he is.

life should be as simple as balloons.


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