today my mum turns 50. she won’t mind me telling you. she’s so excited to be 50. (i think it’s because she looks so good for her age).

it’s times like these i’m reminded how wonderful she is. those times you think about someone and feel, really feel, for the beauty they provide you with in your life. all the little things.

dad is a pretty funny guy. he gave mum a singing card for her birthday. “shout! put your hands up and shout! throw you hands up and shout! woooo. woooo! you’re fifty. it’s time to shout!” he loved that card. was so proud to give it to her. lying on the bed as she opened her gifts, throwing his arms and legs in the air as it sung to her, with mum’s pink slippers six sizes too small clinging onto his feet.

even today, mum made me porridge. it’s her birthday and she drove me to work. she’s so special. beautiful. considerate.

happy birthday mumma. may i be half the wonderful person you are when i am 50.


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