i saw another friend of mine today. one i haven’t seen in two and a half years. 

after i left, she left. and we didn’t leave one another on great terms. so when i saw her again after those years, i was surprised, yet relieved, to see she is the same wonderful person she always was. she laughs at my stupid jokes, my stories that never go anywhere. she makes me feel at ease, myself.

it’s strange to think things happen like they do. i don’t have regrets. it’s one ideal i pride myself on. no matter what, everything that happens – good or bad – harbours a reason in your life. it leads you to where you are at this exact point in time. and i quite like the place i’m at.

if i had the choice to go back and change anything in my life, i wouldn’t. no matter how bad, cringe-worthy or upsetting a moment was, or still is, it lends itself to lessons learned. lessons about yourself, others, life. you don’t experience anything without learning something from it. 

i’ve learned a lot about myself from my friends. from experiences we’ve shared, fights we’ve had, gossip we’ve purged. and i appreciate every lesson so far.

sure, there a decisions i could have made that wouldn’t have left me in trouble/embarrassed/hungover. but where’s the fun in that? i’m not a perfect person. i haven’t led a perfect life. but i never make the same mistake twice and i stand by my decisions. i guess my “no regrets” life is an extension of my stubborn attitude. i won’t be blamed for a life lived. and i definitely won’t blame myself or my judgement. 

the friends in my life, whether they’ve been there for years, months, come in and out or are permanent fixtures, have all contributed to the person i am. i am proud to know you all.

i’m glad sarah’s back. even if only for a little while.


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