i can stand the rain

it’s raining. 11:45pm. in bed. and it’s raining. i can hear it loudly on the tin roof. the fire is on. it’s warm, i’m cosy, i’m content.

sometimes, there are those perfect days. they come around once in a while to remind you it’s the simple things in life. those days when you laugh to yourself because things just couldn’t get any better. you don’t think about anything else. you’re happy, elated, joyous. those days allow you grace in an ordinarily chaotic world.

today was one of those days.

i awoke to my body clock. baked banana muffins. drove to see whales. the sun was shining. air, crisp. but the sun was shining, that’s all that mattered. it warmed me, right to my core. warmed me and reminded me: this is what it’s all about. there they were, the whales and their babies relaxing in the sun. in a cove so protected it felt like a cool summers day; not a warm winter one. no breeze. no crisp air. flat, calm ocean. the sun giving meaning to the word glisten as it rested, so precious, on it’s tip toes on the very top of the water. calm, beautiful, serene. just me, a good friend and the whales.

and rainbows too.

so now, as i sit, cosy in bed, i listen to the rain. it falls hard and steady on the tin roof. purposefully. “i’m here, listen to me,” it bellows. i’m listening, rain.

as i see out this day, the rain fall lightens. stay. please. i fell in love today. i fell in love with life again and it felt pretty good. it doesn’t matter about tomorrow, or what i’m meant to be doing. i forgot all that today. today, the rain made me smile.


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