the flight of the female

australia was given a new prime minister today. the labor party turned on kevin rudd without sympathy and with judgment. and they replaced him.

with a woman.

julia gillard became australia’s first female prime minister. by default. equality has been thrust upon us. we had no choice. a woman is now our leader.

i have no problems with this. i think females in leadership show passion for their job. a nurturing, whole-hearted want to be there. but this is wrong. she was not elected. she was not chosen. she was pushed into a position that she willingly accepted with a pompous smile and a chuffed, sly tone in her voice.

there should be no celebrating australia’s forward stance on female leadership. she was not chosen. we should not accept applause for this. by default, we became front runners. we should not accept any congratulations. we do not deserve it.

the saddest part is, she won’t win the next election. australia isn’t ready for this. a woman will not be elected by the public to fill this role. we’re a long way off.

this will be interesting.


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